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This Is Happening

Check out the dudes in Barcelona, live tonight!

Yes, that means I’m not really watching The Office until later. It’ll be worth it.


Jason Wright

Chances are, you’ve never heard of Jason Wright, unless you’re a big fan of Northwestern, the San Francisco 49ers, the Atlanta Falcons, the Cleveland Browns, or the Arizona Cardinals. Or you play too much Madden.

Jason Wright has quickly become a hero of mine. Why? Read this, and prepare to be inspired and humbled.

Here’s a guy who, despite having millions on the table to play in the NFL, chooses to further educate himself, not for his own edification, but to serve others who are far less fortunate.

I’d love to be like that.

But I get caught up in the day to day struggles and worries of life, or I make excuses, or even just plain ignore the needs of the world around me.

I look to my own needs before those of anyone else.

I put myself first.

I make myself the god of my own life.

That’s not what God calls us to.

Those of us who have been called by Christ are called to live differently.

To follow Jesus like Jason Wright does.

To seek God’s will for our lives, not our own will.

To be those who care about the needs of the world around us.

To pass up that which the world values for the glory of God.

To trust that the empty cross and empty grave change everything.

Behind the Name

There’s the Common Doxology.

Then there’s the Uncommon Doxology.

The Uncommon Doxology is what I’m striving to create with this blog.

Praising God through music, sports, movies, relationships, heck, everything He’s given us.

I’ve found that praising God doesn’t begin and end on Sunday morning, but is what we’re called to 168 hours a week. That’s a lofty task, but we’re not alone.

How do you praise God best?

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