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Bears vs. Packers

Tomorrow is the first of two annual Bears/Packers match-ups. Needless to say, I am stoked. For the past 20 or so years, these have been the Bears games I’ve looked forward to the most. Thankfully, they’re usually on TV even up here in MN.

In my opinion, this rivalry is the best in the NFL, and one of the best in American professional sports. Here you have two of the oldest NFL franchises, who have won a combined 22 NFL championships and have 48 members in the Hall of Fame (thanks, Wikipedia). It doesn’t get much better than this.

I love this rivalry, but more importantly, I respect the Packers. And yes, I enjoy Aaron Rodgers.

I don’t understand how my fellow Bears fans can hate the Packers like some of them do. Sure, the Packers have won more Super Bowls, including last year’s. And I know they had a certain #4 that owned us for so many years. But they’re a fun team to watch, and the history and tradition are not unlike our own.

Also, what good does hating them do? I like jokes and banter, but serious trash talk and hate are pretty lame. The game is played and won on the field, not in front of the TV or in the stands. Whatever the outcome is, sit back and enjoy the 60 minutes of gameplay. It’s always a blast!

Also, the Bears hold the edge 92–84–6. So there’s that.

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