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Robin Ventura

Today, the Chicago White Sox announced former third baseman Robin Ventura will be their new manager after Ozzie Guillen left for the Miami Marlins. Here’s the official release from the team.

In the hours since the team announced Ventura’s hire, social media has been abuzz with fan reactions. A quick look at the comments on various Chicago media personalities’ Facebook posts reveals a pretty stark contrast in fan reactions, ranging from tempered optimism to unbridled anger primarily at General Manager Kenny Williams. Count me among the optimistic.

Sure, he d0esn’t have any managerial experience at any level, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has great ties to the White Sox organization (most recently, he was hired to be a special assistant to player development head Buddy Bell), is highly respected by Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf, was very productive as a player, and is still a fan favorite after all these years. Folks who are simply against him because he has a lack of experience need to give him time. After all, it’s Kenny Williams’ butt on the line, as the folks at South Side Asylum propose.

No matter how you feel about this hire, give it time. Ventura will be hungry to prove himself as a manager and will hopefully win over a clubhouse that needs a steady, reliable managerial presence.

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